Preferred stage plot:


What we need:

General- 3 stage monitors
- 2 vocal mics
- 2 mic stands
- 220-230v power outlets/power strips
- we'll be grateful for 4 bottles of water
Fedya- guitar speaker cabinet (4, 8 or 16 Ohm) to connect a 50 watt valve amplifier
- instrument mic (e.g. Shure SM-57) for the guitar speaker cabinet
Andrey- bass guitar stack or combo
Anya- drum set (bass drum, 3 toms)
- hi-hat stand, snare drum stand and 4 cymbal stands
- set of drum mics (2 overheads, toms, snare, bass drum)
- drum throne
- chair or stand for a laptop and an audio interface
Backline- mixing console and front of house speakers of appropriate power
- 2 onstage XLR inputs for connecting our 2 balanced XLR cables (male, left and right channels) from our audio interface into the backline (stereo backing tracks for the audience through front speakers and for the musicians through monitors)


What we have:

Nastyalead vocals- Sennheiser E 835-S microphone
Fyodorguitars, vocals- Edwards ELP 112CE (Drop D, EMG 81) guitar
- Fender Jim Root Telecaster (Drop C, EMG 81) guitar
- EVH 5150 III (50 watt) amplifier head
Andreybass guitar- Warwick Corvette Standard 5-string (5 strings, standard tuning)
Anyadrums- Pearl 14x6,5 snare (steel)
- Zildjan K cymbal set (hi-hat, crash (х2), ride, china)
- Tama Iron Cobra double bass pedal
Line-inbacking tracks (violin, accordion etc.)- laptop
- Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 audio interface, 2 balanced XLR outs (left and right channels)